What We Do - Our Services

Regulation and tariffs

The tariff revision is a complex process and requires the development and implementation of a solid regulatory framework to establish the costs associated with efficient practices as objectively as possible.

MRC can provide expert advice on regulation and tariffs and have a wealth of experience in both the principles of regulations and their practical application.

Key services in this area:

  • - Regulatory financial models
  • - Tariff review formulation
  • - Tariff and subsidy regimes
  • - Regulatory submissions and negotiation
  • - Support to the planning process
  • - Analysis and evaluation of information
  • - Modeling variables such as market forecasts, regulatory losses, capital costs, investments and tariffs structures
  • - Assistance in discussions and presentations to the regulator
  • - Monitoring assets valuation
  • - Design of measurements campaign

Private sector participation, transaction advisory and due diligence

MRC has leading expertise in attracting private sector investment and management skills in ways that support and complement national and local government needs. In addition to outright sale we have worked extensively with concessions, management contracts, Lease-Operate-Transfer (LOT) and Rehabilitate-Operate-Transfer (ROT).

For private sector investors in power, gas and renewables we provide advice in commercial negotiations, financing and project re-financing. We deliver support in due-diligence, market studies, market modelling and price projections, feasibility studies, bankable documents and valuation.

Key services in this area:

  • - Financial modelling
  • - Identification and evaluation of investment opportunities
  • - Technical, commercial, legal and financial due diligence and specialist valuations
  • - Project development and integrated risk assessment and management
  • - Bidding processes advisory and contracts design
  • - Advice on the optimal business and financing strategy
  • - Advice on mergers and acquisitions
  • - Restructuring and unbundling of assets

Business strategy and financial analysis

MRC carry multidisciplinary skills to enable us to provide our clients with optimal solutions for their business strategy and financial analysis.

Our services in this area include advice on techno-economic planning and operation of electricity and gas assets and markets. We have not only collaborated with public and private companies, but also governments, regulators and other agents in the definition of their strategies.

We have broad experience in assessing financial and technical performance of companies within the power sector (generation, transmission and distribution) and propose measures to enhance the profitability of their activities. In the case of developing countries most often this process leads to Private Sector Participation (PSP) solutions.

Key services in this area:

  • - Business strategy
  • - Generation and transmission systems expansion and long term planning
  • - Optimization of capital expenditures, operational processes and business restructuring
  • - Strategic advice to agents in the generation or sourcing, transmission, distribution and retail activities
  • - Private sector participation processes
  • - Disputes and litigation services
  • - Demand forecasting, business projections and financial analysis
  • - Economic and financial evaluation of energy projects
  • - Vesting contract and balancing compensation administration
  • - Billing systems and settlement

Independent Power Plants (IPPs) and PPAs

Additional power will be a key driver for success but for a power plant to operate it needs a long term contract for the sale of power – a Power Purchase Agreement – plus a long term fuel supply agreement and an agreement for the transportation of power over the transmission network. In addition there needs to be various licenses and permits in place.

It is these agreements that give a power project value, without them the plant is worthless. Developing a power project to the point where construction can start is complex and can be time consuming, but executed to a high standard it creates high value in itself.

Key services in this area:

  • - Strategy for procuring additional power from embedded generation, renewable generation and IPP’s
  • - Power project procurement
  • - Power project development for renewable or conventional fuels
  • - PPA formulation and negotiation

PPAs and FSAs are complex documents that require great care and diligence in administration if revenue streams are to be maximised and billing errors eliminated. We can advise on:

  • - Administration and invoicing for PPAs and GSA’s
  • - Provide automated billing solutions with meter telemetry
  • - Periodic audit and review of invoicing, billing and contract compliance

Water and Sanitation

MRC has developed an impressive clientele, and served entities in every segment of the water and sanitation sector. Within this sector we support companies in the implantation of incentive regulation and tariff setting. We have recently completed a study to identify the challenges of the water and sewage sector within a changing regulatory environment, the viability of the universal access, the design subsidy policies and the definition of performance indicators for water companies.

We can offer the following services:

  • - Advice on the implantation of regulation and tariff setting
  • - Preparation for new regulatory environments
  • - Determination of efficient operating costs
  • - Technical and commercial losses indicators and bad debt analysis
  • - Development of investment plans and market projection
  • - Institutional studies
  • - Business Assessment
  • - Training

Renewable and clean energy projects

Sustainable development has acquired a central role in designing energy policies worldwide. Moreover, scarcity of fossil fuel sources and environmental concerns have triggered an increase in the public awareness related with the exploitation and management of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency initiatives.

MRC provides strategic advice to private sector clients, banks and utilities on how best to adapt to state of the art sustainable policies and take full advantage of opportunities in the new energy markets. MRC has an extensive background in measures which are needed to accommodate the specific features of these energy sources such as intermittency, unpredictability and changes in the way the system needs to be operated and designed.

Key services in this area:

  • - Renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change policies and regulation
  • - National policies and action plans to foster sustainable energy
  • - Promotion of sustainable decentralized generation
  • - Renewables cost and pricing
  • - Relevant secondary legislation including PPAs, technical regulation, connection agreements and licensing agreements
  • - Design and implementation of lending programs supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • - Green and white certificate markets

Gas and LNG

MRC experts have been assisting public and private sector clients in natural gas markets with advice on sourcing and procurement, gas sector policy, regulatory frameworks and feasibility studies.

MRC has also been assisting public and private sector clients in LNG markets, providing advisory services in sector policy and regulatory frameworks and feasibility studies for setting up of LNG import terminals. They also have first-hand industry experience in the small-scale LNG sector, and have a detailed understanding of the small-scale LNG opportunity, its applicability under different conditions and markets, and the related cost, financial and feasibility issues.

Key services in this area:

  • - Market assessment
  • - Advice on environmental compliance
  • - Financial evaluation of business opportunities
  • - Advice on gas sourcing strategy
  • - LNG markets, pricing and industry
  • - Master planning & business strategy
  • - Dynamics of the natural gas business in developing countries and in global supply markets
  • - Pricing studies
  • - Advice on energy policy and security implications
  • - Gas infrastructure feasibility studies and network design
  • - Technical studies, conceptual design and pre-FEED

Training and Capacity Building

The power sector is constantly changing and evolving and organisations must have the skills and understanding of complex regulatory and contractual regimes. Capacity building and training are essential in preparing staff to effectively support current and future challenges in the industry.

Companies need to operate in a complex legal, regulatory and market environment where the key to future profits will be a deep understanding of how the power market will operate and how power tariffs are negotiated and agreed, how power is bought and sold and how different technologies and fuel options will be competitive over time. MRC has an unrivalled knowledge of the detailed operation of the power market and contracts within the sector and are skilled in offering training and capacity building services to our clients.

Key services in this area:

  • - Bespoke training solution to meet individual client needs on a range of topics such as:
  • - Regulation and Regulatory Affairs
  • - Power Project Development
  • - Power Procurement and Power Trading
  • - PPA and Vesting Contract Administration and Operation
  • - A sanity check on company strategy and business plans
  • - Alerts on the impact of changes in the market rules and regulatory framework
  • - Board training to develop understanding of the power sector and the commercial opportunities that exist
  • - Board counselling and support to Board meetings on strategy, financial, commercial and regulatory aspects of the power sector