About MRC Group - Worldwide Consultants and Advisers to the Energy and Network Industries

The MRC Group is a family of sister companies, sharing a long and common history of working together, with presence in 12 major cities.

We offer our clients in the public and the private sector the services of a group of outstanding consultants with a unique background in international consulting and transaction advisory covering electricity, gas, renewables, district energy, water & sanitation and energy driven climate change.



Our team is multi-disciplinary with backgrounds in economics, regulation, law, electrical and gas engineering, energy systems, power and gas trading, mathematical modelling, finance and banking. MRC Group now has 200+ staff and associates operating from 12 offices around the world.

Leading Edge Experience

The experience of our team goes back to the very earliest stages of energy market liberalisation in South America and in UK in the 1980s. That experience is now worldwide and has grown in depth as new trends and developments have emerged to address the challenges of the 21st century. Today we remain at the forefront of harnessing the power of competition and the discipline of well designed regulation to address the challenges of climate change, efficiency, affordability and accessibility that confront energy and water industries in the years ahead.

Brief History

MRC Group was founded in 2015 by 11 of the 14 former partners of Mercados EMI in Europe and the 2 founder directors of IPA Energy Consulting in the UK, and built through merger, partial MBO and formation of new offices, giving a track record going back to 2010. We operate internationally as one single organisation sharing resources, technical skills and geographical presence to serve clients worldwide.