MRC Group provides a breadth of Services that supports our energy sector and utility clients across the full spectrum of regulation and policy in areas subject to monopoly supply, and in understanding and working with energy or water markets and the effects of competition in those sectors where market forces have been introduced. We have specialist knowledge of tariff setting processes and niche experience in accessing and introducing private sector capital. We have developed a range of technical capabilities that support and integrate with our services to provide a full service capability to our clients.

Regulation & Policy

We support public sector clients, including government bodies and regulators, to develop policy and the regulatory frameworks to deliver policy targets.

We support private sector clients, including utilities and distribution companies, in meeting the requirements of national and regional regulation and managing the impacts of regulatory change.


Markets, Competition & Prices

Energy and water markets require sophisticated structural and functional arrangements to manage the complex relationship between supply and demand. Robust design of these markets is essential to ensure the technical, economic and financial efficiency of the sector.



Tariff revision is a complex process and requires the development and implementation of a solid regulatory framework to establish the costs associated with efficient practices as objectively as possible.

MRC Group can provide expert advice on tariffs and have a wealth of experience in both the principles of regulations and their practical application.


Transaction Support

For public sector clients MRC Group has leading expertise in attracting private sector investment and management skills in ways that support and complement national and local government needs. In addition to outright sale we have niche experience with concessions, management contracts, Lease-Operate-Transfer (LOT) and Rehabilitate-Operate-Transfer (ROT).


Technical Studies & Support

For private sector operators and investors we undertake technical studies that support planning, performance improvement and investment decisions across networks and plant. We have a range of software tools to support our work including a number of bespoke solutions that are available to clients for their internal use. Our team carries expertise in electrical engineering, gas engineering, power systems and district heating networks as well as supporting modelling skills.