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MRC to Develop Strategic Vision for 2️050

Apr 2023

We are pleased to announce that CAF-banco de desarrollo de América Latina- has selected the consortium led by MRC Consultants and Transaction Advisers to develop a Strategic Vision for 2️050 of the Energy Transition in Latin America and the Caribbean.

- The study covers 18 countries in the region.

- It will provide key information to support countries in their policy and investment actions in each of the activities of the electricity sector and reduce development gaps.

- All this will lead to an investment schedule to 2050 for the region.

World Bank Funded Project In Uzbekistan

Mar 2023

We are proud to be working in Uzbekistan, located in Central Asia and famed for its Silk Road and architectural monuments, to support further development of the nation´s energy sector.

Since 2016, Uzbekistan has been on a path to achieving an ambitious strategy of doubling its GDP by 2030. As part of this strategy, Uzbekistan's 2022 – 2026 Development Plan includes goals to upgrade its energy sector, including renewables of solar and wind.

MRC Consultants and Transaction Advisers is working with The World Bank and National Electric Grid of Uzbekistan (NEGU JSC) to review, analyze and identify financing options in the regulatory framework that will be conducive to increased international investment in the energy transmission sector.

Webinar: Nigerian Power Sector New Legal Framework

Mar 2023

The President of Nigeria, on 17 March 2023, signed the fifth alteration of the 1999 Constitution. Part of the alterations is the power that now allows the State government to generate, transmit and distribute electricity anywhere within the state. This amendment brings a change in the legal landscape of the power sector from the previous provision that gives power to the State government to generate, transmit and distribute electricity to areas not covered by the national grid in the State.

In this webinar discussion, EMRC in collaboration with Detail Solicitors is putting the new legal environment in the Nigerian power sector in context.

View Webinar

Battery Storage in the Philippines

Jan 2023

Exciting news! The public version of the report developed by MRC Nel Consulting Limited in partnership with Intelligent Energy Systems (IES) for the project “Upgrading Design and Implementation of Energy Battery Storage Market Mechanism of the Philippines Electricity Market” is now available.

The project has also been recently extended to include the framework for market participation and governance of generator-storage hybrid configurations, making it even more impactful in shaping the future of energy storage in the Philippines. The project will further support the new energy storage system policy of the Department of Energy which is expected to be released on 14 February 2023.

The report can be viewed below and is also on the Philippine Electricity Market Corporation ( and soon in the Southeast Asia Energy Transition Partnership ( website.

MRC Turkey Wins World Bank Funded Project

Dec 2022

We are proud the announce that MRC Turkey has been awarded the "Data Driven Transformation of Electric Utilities in Developing Countries" project by The World Bank. This reference guide will consist of three modular parts:

- an overview and roadmap for data-driven utility transformation, which will help the utilities measure their maturity level from the perspective of data analytics and smart grids, and present them applicable next steps in the transformation by providing comprehensive assessment framework and systematics as guideline that can be tailored different local conditions in differentgeographies, along with rich library of use cases and project sheets,

- a set of case studies that highlight the experiences of select power utilities in data analytics and,

- a series of short and accessible technical notes on specific issues related to implementing a data analytics program in a developing country context.

Visit for more information

Impact Assessment Of Electrical Vehicles

Dec 2022

Exciting news for MRC Turkey! We are thrilled to share that we have kicked-off the “Case study – Impact assessment of electric vehicle integration in the power distribution network in Turkey” project with the World Bank Group.

The objective of this assignment is to support the Government of Turkey in:

- conducting an impact assessment of EV integration into the distribution network for different EV deployment strategies on representative urban/peri-urban areas for Turkey,

- assessing the power distribution investment needs for the deployment of EVs up to 2030 by comparing the investment requirements with and without EVs and impact of reshaping load using appropriate demand-side management measures by including of smart charging and time-of-use tariffs and,

- exploring the opportunities of deferring investment needs through a coordinated deployment of rooftop solar PV and EV infrastructure.

Visit for more information: 

Tirana, Albania EBRD Funded Project

Nov 2022

MRC Consultants and Transaction Advisers, together with MRC Turkey, launched two new assignments in Tirana, Albania: the preliminary design of a new substation (110kV/20kV), as well as the grid integration study of the substation. The project is financed by EBRD.

The substation will be built for OSHEE, in the center of Tirana, next to Skanderbeg Square. Because of this location, the substation will be built underground (the first in the region) and will be operated entirely remotely- such design will allow to make use of the area on top of it: a bus station and a green area are planned to be established over the substation, ultimately supporting the sustainable development of the city.

MRC Wins Energy Sector Prize

Nov 2022

We are very proud to announce that MRC Consultants and Transaction Advisers has won the Special Prize for the Energy Sector in the 1st Edition of the Best Spanish Bidding Companies Awards celebrated in Tenerife last October 19, organized by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce of Tenerife and the regional Government of Tenerife.

Gas to Power Strategy

Sep 2022

The team of MRC Group member MRC Consultants and Transaction Advisers (Madrid) – Carlo Citerio as Project Manager, with Henar Barriuso, Marina Paradela and Jean Vera – has supported the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy of Senegal in setting up the regulatory framework for the implementation of the "Gas to Power" strategy. The forthcoming entry into operation of the Gas Field at Grand Tortue/ Ahmeyim will make it possible to use the gas to supply power generation plants.

Senegal's new gas resources could, in the coming years, trigger a profound transformation of the national economy: not only for export revenues, but also for the need for cheap energy sources for the production of iron, phosphate and bauxite.

South African Electricity Supply Industry

Sep 2022

MRC Group member MRC Consultants and Transaction Advisers is very proud to announce they are part of the team led by Intec - GOPA-International Energy Consultants for the project “Consulting services - Transitioning the South African electricity supply industry”, funded by KfW within the German Financial Cooperation with South Africa.

In the context of Eskom’s unbundling, the study will be developed in four stages including proposing the overarching policy, ownership, governance, management, legislative and regulatory arrangements (including related key fiscal, financial and economic considerations) to transit from the current situation to the proposed end state of the option agreed to by the Steering Committee and a detailed roadmap for restructuring with appropriate timelines and milestones for the agreed option.

Sustainable Mobility Practice

Sep 2022

MRC Consultants and Transaction Advisers continues to grow and enrich itself as it learns to adapt to changing times: we are very happy to announce that we have recently established the | Sustainable Mobility Practice | among our service portfolio.

Since our journey in this field began two years ago, MRC has engaged with a number of companies and individual experts with long-track record in sustainable transport planning and e-mobility, and now covers all the technical, economic, regulatory and E&S expertise required for successful project implementation.

In the last twelve months we have been awarded more than five projects and have already completed several of them in the Caribbean, South America, Middle East and North Africa regions, with several prospective projects in Europe and Central Asia.

For further information please contact the Head of Unit Pablo Izaguirre or the Unit’s Commercial Responsible Maya Suh.

The MRC Family Keeps Growing!

Sep 2022

We now have the pleasure of launching MRC Greece and welcoming Dr. Giorgios Giannakidis as MD of the company.

MRC Greece is specialized in energy modeling and evidence-based planning of the energy sector, and will significantly contribute to strengthen our Modelling Unit.

Take a look at their brand new website:

MRC Group Adapts to the New Normal

Jun 2020

In response to the changes due to the pandemic, MRC Group has been conducting virtual meetings with colleagues and clients, as well as online Board Meetings connecting the 10 sister companies located in different countries across the globe. We also attended the first ever virtual Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) held on June 15-19, 2020 along with over 4,600 other attendees, a record breaker for the ACEF.

Review of the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry

Jan 2020

Follow the link to read EMRC's review of the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry. The report looks at what happened in 2019 and what the key challenges will be for 2020.

Review of the Electricity Distribution Utilities

Jan 2020

Pieter Nel and Kris Tampinco in the Philippines kicking off a project for the Review of the Historic Expenditures of all Private Electricity Distribution Utilities. For more information please contact:

Mini Grid Regulations in Zambia

Oct 2019

Kris Tampinco was a panel member at the Public Information Session for Mini Grid Regulations in Zambia. Presentations during the session will be posted on the Energy Regulation Board website. Please click on this link to visit the website

Report: Electrifying the Underserved

Oct 2019

The undergrid minigrid market in Nigeria is a huge, untapped opportunity. Thousands of communities could benefit, as well as electricity distribution companies. Read our latest report, Electrifying the Underserved, to learn about the critical decision points required to implement undergrid minigrids.

MRC Group meets in Rome

Oct 2019

MRC Group had their 17th meeting in Rome. The 9 member companies are currently working in more than 27 countries around the World and are delivering projects in 7 different languages across 5 sectors: electricity, gas, renewables, water and district heating. The capabilities of the Group continue to expand including in June 2019, the acquisition by MRC Spain of Adalid Asesores y Consultores (ADAYC), a specialist practise in solar engineering, led by their Director, Santiago Mirabal.

Access to Electricity and Renewable Energy

Sep 2019

NCL’s Kris Tampinco, part of the MRC Group, is in Zambia for the development of mini-grid regulations for the EU funded project IAEREP under the service contract “Enhancement of the Policy, Legal and Regulatory Environment and Capacity Building for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency”. Kris is currently working with the Energy Regulation Board for the development of the implementation aspects of the tariff rules.

MRC Group attends Africa Energy Forum in Lisbon

Jun 2019

Douglas Caskie and Jorge Colomer represented MRC Group at the Africa Energy Forum in Lisbon from 11-14th June. The Forum brings together decision-makers in Africa's energy sector to form partnerships, identify opportunities and collectively move the industry forward. aef has a loyal following of credible players working in the power space, and a track record of delivering a valuable networking experience.

Women in the Power Sector

Jun 2019

Rahila Thomas talks to HEIR about young women in the power sector. Folow the link to find out more about Rahila's career. Interview with Rahila Thomas.

Alice Waltham Delivers Training in Tanzania

Apr 2019

Alice Waltham is in Tanzania delivering training to mini-grid developers and utility regulator on the use of "Excel-based Off Grid Cost of Service and User Charge Analysis Tool". The tool, designed by MRC Group, is designed to be highly flexible to support both policy makers and private developers in setting user charges.

Report on Electricity Distribution Franchising

Apr 2019

Click on the link for our summary of the Special Report on Electricity Distribution Franchising in Nigeria. This is a summary of the report. For more information contact

Bolivia Brazil Interconnection

Apr 2019

SIGLA and MRC Spain have signed a new contract, together with University of Comillas (Spain), with the IDB, ENDE (Bolivia) and ELETROBRAS (Brazil). The contract worth USD 704,000 includes a planning study and preliminary technical studies for the electric interconnection project between Bolivia and Brazil. For further details please contact Maria Bence Pieres (marí

EMRC attends the Benin EDC 2019 Retreat Programme

Mar 2019

EMRC attended the Benin Electricity Distribution Company 2019 Retreat Programme. During the retreat we facilitated a session on Global Industry Review and the Outlook for 2019. Participants at the retreat interacted to develop relevant plans for effective business operations in the future.

PPAs for Renewable Energy Generation in Spain

Mar 2019

Development of renewable energy projects beyond traditional regulatory scheme and periodic auctions organized by the Spanish authorities is boosting. Apart from conventional alternatives to develop renewable energy, available options for commercializing this energy in the market mostly focused on power self-generation and possible bilateral contracting (PPAs’) with end consumers. Click on the link to read the full paper.

KETRACO Investment & Financing Strategy

Mar 2019

MRC assisted KETRACO in developing an investment and financing strategy that will allow the company to implement its corporate strategy without compromising its financial sustainability. MRC developed a forward-looking model aimed at evaluating different scenarios of KETRACO’s financial performance varying the main drivers which affect the company. For more information contact José María López

ADB Business Opportunities Fair 2019

Mar 2019

NCL and MRC Spain, both members of the MRC Group, attended the Asian Development Bank's 10th Business Opportunities Fair in Manila. The Fair was an excellent opportunity to network with peers in the energy  sector.

Assisting Turkey new electricity & gas markets

Mar 2019

MRC Group, together with our partners ECCO Intl and EXERGIA, has been appointed by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MENR) of Turkey to assist them in the development of the power and gas markets in the country. The consortium, led by MRC, will assist MENR in a series of studies on the harmonisation of electricity and natural gas laws following the adoption of the EU Third Energy Package. For more information contact Jorge Colomer

Barriers to Entry in all EU Retail Energy Markets

Mar 2019

MRC, VaasaETT, REKK, and The Advisory House are delighted to announce the commencement of a Europe-wide research project to analyse barriers to entry in retail energy markets in the EU. The ground-breaking project, the most extensive of its kind to-date, will research the challenges facing suppliers and other retail market competitors such as aggregators and ESCOs in 30 European electricity and gas markets. All 28 member states plus Switzerland and Norway, will be researched. For more information contact José María López

Brazil: Privatisation in an Uncertain Market

Mar 2019

The current Government in Brazil has been making its way through privatization plans in the energy and other infrastructure sectors (water & sanitation, roads, ports, airports, oil and gas) since launching its investment partnership program (PPI) in September 2016. Read our full report here.

Under the Grid Report

Nov 2018

EMRC were co-authors on a report 'Under the Grid' which was led by the Rocky Mountain Institute. The report looks at ways to improve the economics and reliability of rural electricity service with undergrid minigrids. Download a copy of the report via the following link

Special Report on Capped Estimated Billing

Nov 2018

NERC shared the Draft Consultation Paper on the Capping of Estimated Billing with distribution companies on 2 November 2018. The paper raises some issues of significant concern to distribution companies. For more information on this report please contact

Special Report - Draft Meter Services Agreement

Aug 2018

By the end of the year all meter installation will need to be passed across to MAPs. Therefore getting a robust and workable contract in place with each MAP is critical for future performance. Follow the link to read more about MAP. For more information on this report contact

Power Rationing in a Long-Term Power Shortage

Jul 2018

EMRC co-authors a journal paper with the University of Edinburgh on power rationing in a long-term power shortage (Energy Policy). We develop methods to quantify the trade-off between maximising the total amount of power delivered and distributing the available power in a fairer way. We apply our methods to a case study of the Nigerian Power system and analyse the Pareto frontiers between efficiency and fairness. We show that current Nigerian policies reduce the total amount of power delivered by up to 5%. Please contact for more details.


COSST Model Training for LEWA

Jul 2018

MRC Group were engaged by the Lesotho Electricity and Water Authority (LEWA) to deliver Cost of Service Study Tariff (COSST) model training for LEWA, Lesotho Electricity Corporation (LEC) and the Department of Energy (DoE). The aim of the training was the building of an understanding in users of the COSST model and how to apply it and ensure users learn to operate the model effectively. Our training experts assisted appointed LEWA, LEC and DoE trainees to become COSST model experts that will be available as trainers to pass on their knowledge in years to come. Such training is intended to form the foundation for LEWA to undertake the determination of LEC’s tariffs for 2018/19 and beyond.

Special Review on MAP Regulations

Mar 2018

The main change from the draft regulation is the introduction of a Metering Service Charge, which is a payment made by a customer provided with a MAP meter to cover the cost of metering services. This charge is separate from the MYTO retail tariff. This way of ring-fencing the charges associated with the MAP scheme may be beneficial but for Discos to take advantage of this there are several actions that must be undertaken. For a copy of the report contact us.

Off-Grid Energy Tariffs in Tanzania

Mar 2018

MRC has recently been appointed to develop a conceptual framework and decision-making tool for designing user charges for off-grid energy solutions and determining appropriate subsidization/incentive in Tanzania. It is designed to support policy makers and regulators in creating a level playing field for services supplied by off-grid solutions vs. the central grid, thereby supporting the broader objective of scaling up energy access in Tanzania.

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